Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eden Waters AR (Augmented Reality)

Videos, Photographs, and Sounds are hidden within Eden Waters
To view the Augmented Reality in the image above
  1. download the Aurasma app for your smart phone or tablet
    Google Play

  2. Scan the QR code

  3. Make Eden Waters image  full screen
  4. Point to Eden Waters image on your screen!
go to for link to download for your phone or tablet 

This image is extracted from the video in progress:

an example of what you will see with Aurasma

And more examples below


  1. The QR code opened the Aurasma app, so then I viewed the image above with the app, but nothing happened until I went back to the QR app and authorized it to transmit data to the Aurasma app. Then, when I viewed the image with my phone, I saw a swirl, and some watery grey sections, and then a video floated above the original image. The video showed a short loop of a young forest, with wind stirring the leaves. I tried to do a screen capture for you in Aurasma but both times I uploaded it to Facebook I got the message that the post was lost. Whew. I used to work in software testing, so this stuff comes naturally to me!

  2. Thanks! You are so good to test! There actually are a number of videos - the forest is where the water samples came from. There was a muddy area, and one of the videos shows this, and then you also see the organisms under the microscope.