Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eden Waters: Hudson Valley Fresh Water

Eden Waters

Imagine life as a microscopic aquatic creature in the season of beginnings. Eden Waters is digitally composited from manipulated video captures of life in fresh water taken from a muddy stream in the Hudson Valley, in June, 2013, just as the ground and waters began to warm. The layers of teaming life represent represent the emergence of life in the early spring of our Earth. They also simulate the imagined experience of swimming through the water, as well as the artist’s own experience of focusing through the microscope, going from mud to discovering amazing lifeforms, to later viewing only bacteria as the freshwater plankton disappeared in the warmth of the laboratory. The work was begun during the "Art Kibbutz" artist residency.  The actual video micro-captures were done in the lab with small drops of water from the source. All imagery was found, digitized, and modified by Cynthia Beth Rubin.

 The water samples used in this video are from Camp Eden Village in Putnam Valley, New York. The work was begun during the "Art Kibbutz" artist residency. Music by Bob Gluck.  Vocals by Zoe Zak.

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